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Patzcuaro and surroundings

Visit all these places staying in Patzcuaro.

General information

Getting to Pátzcuaro

Access roads, transport services and useful information.

How it all began

Brief explanation of the prehispanic Pátzcuaro.

Don Vasco de Quiroga

“Tata” Vasco, the unifier of colonial Pátzcuaro.

Coat of arms

Awarded on July 21, 1553 by Carlos V.

Handicrafts in Pátzcuaro

Pátzcuaro is an important nucleus of artisanal production.

And about gastronomy…

Everything you can taste in the region.

Everything there is to see




Plazas (squares) of Pátzcuaro and more


The Islands of Pátzcuaro Lake


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All you want to see in one place:

The most relevant of Pátzcuaro.

Check the places you want to know, trace your own route and enjoy places you did not imagine.

Events for each day.

In our calendar of events find all the parties and celebrations of the year in the region.

Go further. Stay here.

Visit places close to Patzcuaro without having to change accommodation. Everything is close.

Surroundings of Pátzcuaro

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Do not miss a single fiesta or celebration

Check all the events that occur during the year in the lake and suburban areas. NOTE: Due to the pandemic, everything is subject to the criteria of the health authorities.

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