La Huatápera, besides its historical character and for being the most valuable architectural jewel that Uruapan has, should be known with more interest since it currently houses a very important Museum of Art and Indian Tradition in the State divided into four rooms and the chapel :

n its main room, dedicated to “The Four Peoples”, visitors can admire manifestations of the cultural richness of these peoples through their most representative material work, among which are pieces related to their daily, religious, playful and artistic life .

In the permanent room “El maque de Michoacán”, we can appreciate the cultural value of a historical line of artistic production of the P’urhépecha people, as well as the aesthetic and technological differences that characterize the Michoacan maque producing centers: Uruapan, Quiroga and Patzcuaro, each with its own special stamp, both for the type of products produced, and for the designs and finishes.

Through its two temporary halls, the Huatapera shows its visitors various exhibitions with themes related to the life, customs and worldview of the indigenous people of Mexico.

In the Chapel you can enjoy a wonderful mural that dates from the sixteenth century; and each month, of an outstanding piece of artisan made by indigenous hands.


Our Address:

La Huatápera, Uruapan, Michoacán, México.


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