Ihuatzio in the Purepecha language means “in the house of the coyote.” Originally the area was called Yacatécharo. In the place you can find flora such as pine, oak and cedar, as well as wildlife such as coyotes, squirrels, armadillos, rabbits and weasels.

The first occupation of the site corresponded to Nahuatl speaking groups with Toltec influence. Later the Purépecha came to the Lake of Patzcuaro and acquired power with what dominated the region. Ihuatzio was the first seat of the Purépecha empire. The site is distinguished by the huatziri, that is, elevated roads that delimited the spaces and that served as paths to the interior of the site.

During its heyday the Ihuatzio nuclear area covered approximately 150 hectares where 84 structures have been identified, of which only seven have been exposed.


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