When human works survive their creator and remain even after his death, they are transformed into a proclamation of his existence.

It is the man who announces his passage through the world by making his mark through actions and experiences whose value lies in being intense and fleeting in real time, but beautiful and permanent in universal time and also, with the property of being appreciated by other human beings who in turn will be influenced by what they see, hear and feel, to spread it and convert it into what we call History.

This is the announcement of the life of a singular city, intense and rich in characters and experiences: Pátzcuaro.

The present writing is based on stories, reflections, memories, concepts and maxims of my own or coming from thinkers, philosophers, friends and ordinary people or from the popular tradition that I have been accumulating throughout my life making them mine.

I will not always cite the sources from where I have taken them because I do not remember them in large part.

Many are personal concepts, or that by dint of living with them, in that they have been transformed.

However, go the recognition to all those, anonymous or not, that somehow influenced me to perform this simple, but laborious work and a humble tribute to one of the greatest cultures that Mexico has given and deserves to be rescued from I forget.

Arturo Pimentel Ramos
(1929 – 2002)