In a direct line and several blocks down from the front of the Basílica, is found the sanctuary of Guadalupe, whose construction corresponds to the unique architectural style of the19th  century. It was completed in 1832 and built by Sr. Feliciano Ramos, who came to México from Havana, Cuba. He was the slave of a Spanish family, and obtained his liberty due to good conduct. He devoted himself to commerce and mule driving, by which he amassed a sizable fortune. To comply with a promise he’d made to the Virgin of Guadalupe, he ordered construction of a sanctuary in Pátzcuaro -where he eventually  lived- in the place of a previously existing 17th century chapel. Don Feliciano Ramos died May 22, 1830 and was buried in this sanctuary in 1842, after having first been interred in the Basílica.


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