The chronicles refer that in the year 1548, Fray Jacobo Daciano walked from Cheran towards the Zacapu encomienda, accompanied by a retinue of indigenous people. It got dark in the forest, very close to the lake and they camped there.

At dawn, Fray Jacobo Daciano called everyone and told them that it was God’s will that a church be built in that place; the Indians dismantled the site, opened foundations, and the string was pulled to begin construction. Later they drew streets, locating the square, the “tianguis” and the royal house. Thus was born what is now the city of Zacapu.

This must have happened on June 29, 1548, since Zacapu was entrusted to the patronage of the Apostle Saint Peter and for many years the name of that saint was used to designate the part of the city where the parish temple is located, now dedicated to Mrs. Saint Ana.


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