Start: 2 July, 2023
12:00 am
End: 2 July, 2023
11:59 pm

Event Venue

Parroquia de San Diego de Alcalá, Quiroga, Michoacán, México.

GPS: 19.663793, -101.5231723

It is celebrated on the first Sunday of July. Thousands of quiroguenses living in other cities return to their town to take part in this celebration. The celebration of the Precious Blood is almost as important to them as Christmas. The object of veneration is a huge image of Christ crucified, made of cane paste.

Depending on the direction from which they come, the pilgrims enter the town for each of the cardinal points. Each contingent is accompanied by bands of musicians and upon reaching the place where the roads are intercepted, there are hugs and tears. Bishops of the region lead the welcome and the bands begin to play the same melody. From early morning you can see the streets towards the church, the pilgrims who do penance and in the afternoon there is a procession with the heavy image of the crucified Christ. Every year without exception it rains during the tour that ends at dusk without diminishing the participation of the parishioners.

Quiroga is a pre-Hispanic community near Morelia, today dedicated to the trade of agricultural and artisanal products. It could be said that Quiroga has two Holy Patrons. One of them, the oldest, is San Diego de Alcalá, venerated since the time of Don Vasco de Quiroga, when the town was still called Cocupao.

The majority of its faithful come from the oldest neighborhoods and celebrate with the dances that their indigenous and Spanish grandparents taught them. The other Patron Saint is the Precious Blood.

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Parish of San Diego de Alcalá

Baroque style building, dating from the seventeenth century, with porcelain inlays on its side walls.