Start: 2 August, 2023
5:00 pm
End: 4 August, 2023
8:00 pm

Event Venue

Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, México.

GPS: 19.4064279, -101.6396979

The coppermen venerate the Virgen del Sagrario and Santa Clara de Asís, walking along the main avenue of the Magic Town of Santa Clara del Cobre, each one carrying a piece of copper that they will offer to the Virgin and Clara de Asís, as thanks for the sales of the year, or, to continue the subsistence of this artisanal activity that the villagers have done for several generations.

The roar of the rockets in the sky announces to the artisans of copper that they must already arrive at the meeting place, regardless of which craft workshop they work on or if they do it on their own they meet and greet, to start the pilgrimage in honor of the Virgen del Sagrario and Santa Clara de Asís, who are grateful for the work and who are asking for a favorable year. All carry with them a piece of copper of different sizes, but here, what matters is the faith of each of them and them.

A tradition that has transcended from one generation to another is still valid, nobody knows when it started, since previous generations only remember that their grandparents were already doing it and the new ones continue with this tradition, every year they come to the pilgrimage to give thanks for the sales, because they have large orders or simply because it is a trade that they inherited from their ancestors, and that is still valid today.

The coppermen hold in their hands sticks of flower of tuberose, as well as their crafts in copper such as pots, vases, trays, jugs, paintings, jewelery, targas, fruit bowls, necklaces, earrings and the whole range of copper pieces, which leave on the altar of the Virgen del Sagrario, one of the patrons of the town, not forgetting Santa Clara de Asís, an image that leads the entire pilgrimage and that opens the way with the music played by the wind band.

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